Transform Your Prayer Life with Our 30-Day Bible Reading Plan

30 Day Bible Reading Plan on Prayer

Pastor Duke Taber

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Prayer is an essential part of the Christian life, as it is how we communicate with God, express our gratitude and needs, and seek His guidance and intervention. This 30 day Bible reading plan explores the importance of prayer, how to pray effectively, and examples of prayers in the Bible.

Prayer Bible Reading Plan

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1Matthew 6:5-15Jesus’ teachings on prayer and the Lord’s Prayer.
21 Thessalonians 5:16-18Rejoicing always, praying without ceasing, and giving thanks.
3Philippians 4:6-7Presenting our requests to God with thanksgiving and experiencing His peace.
4James 5:13-18The power of prayer in various circumstances and the prayer of faith.
5Luke 18:1-8The parable of the persistent widow and the importance of perseverance in prayer.
6Psalm 34:1-22Seeking God in prayer, experiencing His deliverance and protection.
7Ephesians 6:18-20Praying in the Spirit, being watchful, and interceding for others.
82 Chronicles 7:12-16God’s promise to hear and answer the prayers of His people.
9Mark 11:22-26The importance of faith and forgiveness in prayer.
10Daniel 9:1-23Daniel’s prayer of confession and the answer he receives from God.
11Romans 8:26-27The Holy Spirit’s intercession and help in our prayers.
121 Kings 8:22-53Solomon’s prayer of dedication for the temple and his requests to God.
13Colossians 4:2-6Devoting ourselves to prayer, being watchful, and praying for open doors.
14Genesis 18:16-33Abraham’s intercessory prayer for Sodom and Gomorrah.
151 John 5:14-15The confidence we have in approaching God and receiving answers to our prayers.
16Nehemiah 1:1-11Nehemiah’s prayer for Jerusalem and his request for God’s favor.
17Luke 11:1-13Jesus’ teachings on prayer and the assurance of God’s willingness to answer.
18Exodus 32:9-14Moses’ intercessory prayer for the Israelites and God’s response.
19Acts 4:23-31The early church’s prayer for boldness and the filling of the Holy Spirit.
20Psalm 51:1-19David’s prayer of repentance and plea for God’s mercy and restoration.
21Matthew 26:36-46Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane and His submission to the Father’s will.
22James 1:5-8Asking God for wisdom in faith, without doubting.
231 Samuel 1:1-20Hannah’s prayer for a child and God’s answer to her request.
24Jeremiah 29:11-13God’s plans for His people and the promise of His response when they seek Him.
25Acts 12:1-19The church’s prayer for Peter’s deliverance from prison and God’s intervention.
26Psalm 86:1-17David’s prayer for God’s mercy, guidance, and deliverance from trouble.
27John 17:1-26Jesus’ high priestly prayer for Himself, His disciples, and all believers.
282 Kings 19:14-37Hezekiah’s prayer for deliverance from the Assyrian threat and God’s response.
291 Timothy 2:1-8Instructions on prayer for all people, including those in authority.
30Psalm 141:1-10David’s prayer for protection, guidance, and deliverance from evil.

As you read through these passages, reflect on your own prayer life and how you can grow in your communication with God. Pray for a deeper understanding of prayer and for the Holy Spirit to guide and empower your prayers.

All Scripture references are from the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible.

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