Christian News Roundup March 12 2024

Christian News Roundup March 12 2024

Pastor Duke Taber

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Today’s News Roundup

Jeremy Camp’s heart surgery ‘successful,’ singer beyond grateful | Entertainment News

Christian music artist Jeremy Camp recently underwent successful heart surgery to correct a serious condition known as atrial fibrillation. His wife, Adrienne, shared an update on social media, expressing gratitude for the prayers and support from fans.

The surgery was a success, but full recovery is expected to take a few months. Camp’s health journey has been closely followed by his fans, who have been offering prayers and encouragement.

Granddaughter of nurse in iconic V-J Day kiss photo speaks out | U.S. News

The granddaughter of Greta Friedman, the nurse featured in the iconic V-J Day kiss photo, defended the image after recent criticisms. Caroline Branin shared that her grandmother always viewed the photo as a celebration of the end of World War II and was proud of it.

The image has sparked debates about consent, but Branin emphasizes her grandmother’s positive view of the moment captured in Times Square.

The Chosen Delays Season 4 Streaming Due to Legal Issues – Michael Foust

The popular biblical drama series “The Chosen” has delayed the streaming release of its fourth season due to unresolved legal issues.

Creator Dallas Jenkins announced that while the delay is disappointing, it is necessary to resolve these matters for the long-term benefit of the series and its audience. In the meantime, Season 4 will be available for promotional screenings in churches and has received an extended theatrical run.

Widely Available THC Products Like Delta-8 Can Cause Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Problems | CBN News

A report highlights the growing concerns over THC products like Delta-8, which are becoming more accessible in various states. Health experts, parents, and former users are raising alarms about the potential physical, mental, and spiritual dangers associated with these substances.

The article discusses the impact of high-potency marijuana and Delta-8 products, emphasizing the need for awareness and regulation to prevent harm, especially among young people.

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