Beginner's Guide: 30 Day Bible Reading Plan for Transformation

30 Day Bible Reading Plan for Beginners

Pastor Duke Taber

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Starting a Bible reading habit can be a transformative experience, but it can also feel overwhelming for beginners. This 30 day Bible reading plan is designed to help you get started on your journey through the Scriptures, focusing on key passages that provide a foundation for understanding God’s Word.

Beginner Bible Reading Plan

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1Genesis 1:1-2:3The creation account, showcasing God’s power and sovereignty.
2Psalm 23A comforting psalm that portrays God as a loving shepherd.
3John 1:1-18The prologue to John’s Gospel, emphasizing Jesus’ divine nature.
4Romans 3:21-26An explanation of justification by faith and the righteousness of God.
5Exodus 20:1-17The Ten Commandments, God’s moral law for His people.
6Matthew 5:1-12The Beatitudes, Jesus’ teachings on true happiness and blessedness.
7Isaiah 53A prophetic passage about the suffering servant, pointing to Jesus.
8Acts 2:1-41The coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church.
9Ephesians 2:1-10An explanation of God’s grace and the gift of salvation.
10Genesis 12:1-9God’s call to Abraham and the beginning of the Abrahamic Covenant.
11Psalm 51A psalm of repentance, written by David after his sin with Bathsheba.
12Luke 15:11-32The parable of the prodigal son, illustrating God’s love and forgiveness.
131 Corinthians 13Paul’s discourse on the nature and importance of love.
14Joshua 1:1-9God’s commission to Joshua and the promise of His presence.
15Matthew 6:5-15Jesus’ teachings on prayer, including the Lord’s Prayer.
16Jeremiah 29:10-14God’s promise of restoration and a future hope for His people.
17Philippians 2:1-11Paul’s encouragement to humility and unity, focusing on Christ’s example.
181 John 1:5-2:2A message about walking in the light and the forgiveness of sins.
19Exodus 3:1-15Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush and God’s self-revelation.
20Psalm 139A psalm celebrating God’s intimate knowledge and care for His people.
21John 3:1-21Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus about being born again.
22Romans 8:28-39An assurance of God’s love and the security of the believer.
23Daniel 6The story of Daniel in the lions’ den, showcasing faith and God’s deliverance.
24Matthew 28:1-20The resurrection of Jesus and the Great Commission.
25Isaiah 40:1-31A message of comfort and the incomparable greatness of God.
26Acts 9:1-19The conversion of Saul (Paul) on the road to Damascus.
27Ephesians 6:10-20Paul’s call to put on the full armor of God and stand firm in spiritual warfare.
28Genesis 50:15-21Joseph’s reconciliation with his brothers and God’s sovereign plan.
29Psalm 103A psalm of praise for God’s compassion, love, and forgiveness.
30Revelation 21:1-8A vision of the new heaven, new earth, and the believer’s eternal destiny.
30 Day Bible Reading Plan for Beginners

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As you embark on this 30 day journey, remember to approach the Scriptures with an open heart, asking God to reveal Himself and His truth to you. Take time to reflect on what you read, and consider how you can apply these truths to your daily life. May this reading plan be a starting point for a lifelong journey of growing in your understanding and love for God’s Word.

All Scripture references are from the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible.

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